For those who care

We exist because we care about the planet. Afect Clothing is meant to inspire. Our prints have a message that we all need to act for a sustainable future. Every piece of clothing is produced with passion to respect‌ both humans and‌ the‌ planet.

Sustainable streetwear
Organic cotton t-shirt eating pizza

Let's go crazy and do something good

Fast biking organic cotton
Sustainable streetwear swing

100% sustainable materials

We use only GOTS certificated organic cotton and recycled polyester – Wasting less water and creating less waste. 0% pesticides and fertilizers. Reducing soil erosion. Lower CO2 emission.

Giving back for every sale

From every sold product, we donate 6% of its profit to the selected charity organisations that dedicate their work to helping children, animals and nature.

Slow fashion streetwear

Product is made just for you, printed after an order has been placed – Decreased garment waste and lower carbon footprint.

Know what you are buying

We want to provide you with all the information about the products and process, so you can make your decisions with knowledge.

Streetwear polar bear
Streetwear trashcan